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Aware implies knowledge gained through one’s own perceptions or by means of outside information.

Bali is an intricate canvas. Recognised globally as a mythical alluring tourist destination its poverty and everyday harsh realities are faded in recognition.

Thousands of local people are fighting the anguish of poverty and its negative consequences in village, family and personal wellbeing. The Balinese people are not forgotten and over the years there are an abundance of unsung organisations doing their everything to enable Bali’s cherished locals.

The quest was to get 8 young photographers of varying insta followings and backgrounds, all a little in love with Bali, to go a little more frontline than their typical Instagram feed. Their brief was to interact with a designated charity and create a visual snapshot of the beyond the lens essence of that organisation.

All exhibited photographs will be for sale with the proceeds going solely to the visualised charity.

The Awareness Exhibition proves recognising reality is a bucket list necessity and the selfless capability of humanity is in fact the true integrity of Bali.

PHOTOS : @foahshizzle | ANALOG : @bossladybali