Crate Cafe | Gallery


The Gallery exhibitions are an opportunity for artists to mingle.

We love to create, so here we are with our dedicated space.

Our very own Gallery has been built to provide an outlet for creators to share their stories, perspectives and experiences by showing this through the arts.

The Cafe has always been a hub for creatives – the addition of the Gallery now provides an active way to get involved in the CRATE culture.

The Gallery evening exhibitions are an opportunity for artists to mingle. People walk through, look at the art, chat and find their way into conversations on the pink couches or outside in the garden.

We are providing opportunities to artists who have never formally exhibited in a Gallery. It’s really humbling watching an artist print, frame and display their work for a physical space. We live in the digital age where hardly anything is tangible (particularly art) so its a new perspective to take art off the screen and into the Gallery.

Mark your calendar for our monthly exhibition night featured on our instagram page