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Yasmin Suteja

Born in Australia, raised in Bali by her Balinese father and Greek / Australian mother, Yasmin Suteja has always been fascinated by people and faces.

With a background in Fashion Photography, Yasmin dedicates her personal work to portraiture, with a keen interested in capturing personalities and telling stories.

“Brooklyn on Film” is Yasmin’s first solo exhibition. Commissioned by Photographer Devin Blaskovich whom Yasmin met when she dropped her first roll of film off at the lab, the show premiered in New York at the Lomography Gallery in Manhattan

These images were taken on Yasmin’s first trip to New York. She caught the subway every day, and spent her time exploring Brooklyn – its skate parks and local arts scene. All of her subjects are people she met during her 3 week trip.

Yasmin shot all of her photographs on 35mm film – a mixture of Lomography Color Negative Film (400 and 800 ISO) and Lomography Lady Grey B&W (400 ISO).

Yasmin was inspired by iconic street photographer Jamel Shabazz, who documented Brooklyn’s African American community in the 1980s and various aspects of life in New York City, from youth culture to a wide range of social conditions. The streets and subway system became backdrops for many of his photographs.

Yasmin’s impetus for this exhibition was to pay homage to Shabazz’ work and capture the Brooklyn street scene in the context of 2017, from the eyes of an Australian photographer on her first experience of the city.