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Evgeny Bam

An Illustrator and street artist since 2010, Evgeny Bam moved from Russia to Bali about eight years ago to pursue the waves. He travels between the small islands in Indonesia to surf and create wall arts in hidden ruined buildings. The more decayed and textured the wall, the better. As Bam puts it, the street give him freedom from distracting thoughts and taught him the true meaning of being creative.

Joining Nyaman Gallery a couple years ago, Bam explores the mediums of paper and canvas more eagerly than ever. Since then, his vision evolves and the character of his work refined. Keeping true to his spontaneous and boldly honest personality, Bam’s most recent work communicates the artist’s mind and ideas through quick and liquid lines, both in playful vibrant colors and in the elegance of black, greys, and white.

Ceremony’ is a selection of Evgeny Bam’s work that depicts his ritual of drawings, exploring deeper to the realm of colors while indulging the impulse of flowing creativity that Bali has given to him. It is an expression of abstract thoughts like the ray of sun in the ocean and the places your soul goes when you’re on a hangover, like the magic of DNA and the formation of life.To balance the aggression of this train of thoughts, and to complete the journey, our artist created very much stripped back – black and white pieces of shapes and movements, picturing the warmth and welcoming vibe of the island.