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Emma O'Flynn

Inspired and shifted by the people I meet, love and let go, Bipolar symbolises the journey of following my deepest passion to to create.

Painting is my emotional medium and helps me to express the feelings that are hard to grasp or explain.

This body of work is a wave of powerful, overwhelming euphoric, angry, melancholic and rising emotions.

Sometimes I doubt myself whether it is legit to share your down side in an ‘All Happy’ society.

This shines a light on another pillar of my essence as an artist being vulnerable in my art + life.

The truth comes from the place you dare to be vulnerable you can be just as strong in your happiness as you are in your darkness.

We determine situations based on where we stand with our emotions. The essence and beauty of art is that everyone sees& feels differently.

My work is an invitation to experience and discover a full scope of emotions.

VID + PHOTOS : @adventuresofblondie