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Max Turner

When I first picked up a camera and began to take it seriously, I was very drawn to double exposures. Not the Photoshopped kind, but ones taken in-camera right there in that moment.

It opened my mind and changed the way I saw my environment and photographed it. Giving me the ability to take two perspectives and create a third. Echo Beach is a place I frequently visit and on January 29th, 2019, I grabbed my camera and headed down there with no vision in mind and began to take in-camera double exposures.

On that day, I took a photo of the white wash rolling up to my feet and then from the perspective of where I stood, I turned my camera to the surfers I was watching in the distance. Ultimately creating One Plus One Equals 3, a series of photos combining those two aspects of my environment.

VIDEO + PHOTOS : @adventuresofblondie