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Okta Puss

Oktavian Adhiek Putra (b. 1997) is an artist most people know as a photographer. Six years ago, Oktavian began experimenting with photography. In 2015, he came to Bali and He started his project on ‘Secret Answer’. This is his photo exhibition of his life.

This exhibition is more like a staged summary of his four-year creation process. He hopes that his work will express his creation in Bali during this time. He was born in Bandung, and got very interested in photography and especially street fashion. Soon realized, that he want to grow more and decided to move to Bali, where a project ‘Secret Answer’ started. In this island, he get strongly inspired by his friends and the daily issues that are happening around him. But generally, Bali is more open minded in nature.

Throughout the creative process, from the preparation of the early stage, the setting of the props, the construction of the atmosphere, and the use of light, Okta is all on its own

This is a creative processof colliding with each other. He will take the first impression of his imaging sensation to communicate with the people, and they would constantly adjust communication attempt. It’s hard to say that the people have exposed a more relistic and tense side, or Okta has captured the subtle unique perspective. This is also a ‘Secret Answer’

Among the hundreds of Okta’s pictures, here are 25 answers for the secret question. Each one has different answer. It belongs to the audience and creator, so can you guess what are they?

VID + PHOTOS : @maximillian_brunette